Jump with Eddie - Jump 4 Cancer...YOU could be ski jumping with Eddie the Eagle in Courchevel and helping to beat cancer!


Ever fancied the idea of ski jumping - well here is your chance! Enter our competition and you could be learning to ski jump with Eddie the Eagle and helping Ski 4 Cancer. The goal is to jump as far as possible, and perhaps reach his record set at the Calgery 88 Olympics of 73.5m!

UPDATE: The competion is now closed but you can see more about the winners and how they are getting along in our blog...

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...Would YOU like to ski jump with Eddie the Eagle?.....Well here is your chance and to learn to fly yourself!

We have teamed up with Eddie Edwards aka the Eagle, Ski 4 Cancer, the resort of Courchevel and the Club des Sports Courchevel to find someone to jump with Eddie and see how close we can get to his Olympic Ski Jumping Record of 73.5m and to raise vital funds for Ski 4 Cancer!!!

All you need is…

·         To be mad enough to do it!

·         To be a strong black run skier

·         To be available for the week beginning the 12th Oct 2015 and the week of the 24th Jan 2016

·         And to tell us exactly;

o   Why you would like to jump with Eddie

o   How you are going to raise the maximum amount of cash for Ski 4 Cancer

Enter the competion below...




We will provide…

·         Travel to Courchevel from any UK airport (for both weeks) for 4 competitors

·         Accommodation and food in one of our Luxury Chalets

·         Ski jump training with the professional Courchevel ski jumping coach

·         Use of all ski jumping equipment

·         Training and assistance from Eddie himself!

·         Access to the Olympic ski jumps at Courchevel Le Praz

·         Carte Niege health insurance

Entries must be in by 28th Sept 2015. NOW EXTENDED TO THE 5th OCT... The competition is open to EU residents over the age of 18.
Judging will be made by Eddie Edwards, Chris Learoyd of Alp Leisure Ltd (qualified National ski jumping judge) and Andy Hayward of Ski 4 Cancer.  Winners will be informed by email by the 6th October. 

Good luck - and fly like an eagle!

Chris & Lucie Learoyd

P.S. If you to know more about how and why, click below or visit our blog here http://www.alpleisure.com/blog/

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How does anyone learn to Ski Jump?

You may also ask "why?" first and briefly it's all to do with running a business and raising a family in Courchevel Le Praz.  We live 2 minutes from the biggest ski jumping centre in France, the Olympic Ski Jumps of Courchevel Le Praz and having two boys grow up here and drive past the centre every day, it was inevitable that Ski Jumping was going to enter our lives when, 15 years ago we moved here from Meribel. (Though we had no idea how it would affect our lives in such a big way). If you want the full story you can read more in our blog here http://www.alpleisure.com/blog/ To give you a bit of an idea currently our 9 year old has just gone past 60m and the 14year old has gone over 130m!!


Stage 1 - A good level of skiing

You need to be pretty comfortable on your skis!  Saying that it’s not limited to Alpine Skiing, Ski Jumping officially is a Nordic discipline so cross country skiers often enter the sport and interestingly anyone that roller blades could have a go. Ski jumpers do lots of training on roller blades!  Probably the biggest requirement is a lack of fear! This is also why most ski jumpers start at the age of 6-7!


Stage 2 - The reception

Sounds like going to kindergarten! But the "reception" in the landing area of a ski jump.  On Alpine skis you would simple get used to running down the reception in "schuss". Straight down, no turning, until you come to a stop (you may add in a snowplough if you feel you need).  You will normally do this "in position". This is the position you will adopt later when you are on the in-run. Knees bent, aerodynamic, ready to spring! As you may have noticed there is almost as much ski jumping in the summer as the in the winter and there is an important lesson to learn that during the summer, the transition from the plastic (which is kept wet by a sprinkler system) to grass involves quite a bit of deceleration, so a position of sitting on the back of your skis is important skill to learn!


Stage 3 - Jumping on the Reception

Before heading up to the in-run you would then practice jumping as you schuss down the in-run. Developing balance and landing skills.  Next the "10m" is then installed and you face your first real ski jump. You can see on the 25m (the one most to the left) there is a small ramp in the middle of the reception.  So you repeat your schuss on the reception but aim for the ramp et voila you flop no more than 2-3 metres and arrive at the bottom feeling you have just beaten Eddies Record!
By Ensuring you are in good "position" you then attempt to push and straighten your legs as you go over the ramp and before very long you are trying to "out jump the hill" and are desperate to get over 10 metres!


Stage 4 - Climbing up to the Bar!

No, this is not where you are getting a shot of the local Genepi! You will climb to the top of the in-run and once ready shuffle across the bar taking your position at the top of the in-run.  There are rails for your skis to go in, so there is no turning or snow plough once you let go!  You will start on the lowest bar to minimise in run speed and again "in position" you will take a leap of faith in your coach and following the familiar "yep" shout from him (sometimes combined with a wave of a flag) and you are off!  You will probably flop off the end of the "table" which on the 25m at Courchevel is approximately 1.5m high but the rush will be Olympic! You hopefully will have straightened your legs for flying and landing and as you progress you will start to actually push at this point! Once you are comfortable with that you will slowly use a higher bar to create more in-run speed and further you will push more at the table to jump further.


Stage 5 - Learning to Fly

Keeping your legs straight and ensure you are pushing in the right way at the table you will find the tips of your skis will rise and you will start to fly!  Your position after the push is crucial for good flight. Get that right and the rest follows...and before you know it you will find yourself flying 25m and beyond. The hill record on the 25m is 31.5m. Allowing for anyone to go further would be dangerous as you would be landing on the "flat" so your coach will ensure you are starting at the appropriate bar to ensure this.  The management of the bar used and thus the in-run speed is crucial and interestingly as you get better you will need less in run speed to get to the 25m mark so in fact you will start from a lower bar as you improve.


Stage 6 - Doing it all again on ski jump skis!

Yep, throw away your Alpine skis and put on ski jump and skis and its back to the reception and start again! The key differences with Ski Jump skis are, they are longer (up to 2.6m and beyond)!, they are wider (15cm), the binding allow for movement at the rear on tethers and are fixed at the toe but with the ability to hinge. This allows for the classic flying position you see on the TV and thus better aerodynamics and therefore longer jumps!  It also allows for the classic "telemark" landing which can make the difference between winning and being off the podium.  No “telemark” can lose you up to 6 judging points which can be the equivalent of up to 12 metres (depending on the size of the hill you are jumping on!)


Stage 7 - Better, Bigger and repeat!!

Once you master the 25m, you progress to the 60m (in fact the 60 isn’t as scary as the 25m as the table is not more than a metre high) so you can flop over the edge and do a 3metre jump. It does though allow you, if you push, to fly up to 70m!!
Once you nail the 60 the "normal" Olympic hill awaits! A 3 metre table puts things into perspective, speeds of over 90kmh on the in-run, this is where Olympic medals have been one and lost.  The hill record on the 90m is 100.5m. Longer than your average football pitch. Normally the youngsters would not be jumping the 90m until they are 11-12yr but some have managed it before their 10th Birthday! Of course this then begs the question about the "large" hill. Again some of the local kids may find themselves at the pinnacle by the age of 12-13ys, some before, but some may take much longer and this is much more dependent on ability and technique and much less on "fear management"!  Well, that's what the coaches tell me!


How will it progress if you win?

The first week of training takes advantage of the fact that the Ski jumps are still open and operating until mid-October jumping on water sprinkled plastic and will involve getting or winners as far down the above stages as possible with fully qualified ex France team ski jumping coaches from the Club des Sports Courchevel. We are sure that Eddie will also chip in with some advice too!
Further, as the Summer French Championships run at the weekend of the 18th Oct our winners will be able to see and meet the little ones competing on the 25m to the juniors and ladies on the 60m and 90m and the seniors on the 120m to French Team, Olympic Medallist.  Witnessing anyone jumping the 120m is a sight to see and an experience not to be missed!  We hope that some of our competition winners may even be able to be "openers" in some of the competitions!!
The second week in January will follow a similar pattern after a refresher, but of course on Snow. Contestants will also have the opportunity to ski on the amazing slopes of Courchevel and of course the biggest ski area in the world the 3 valleys.
The plan is to finish both weeks with a "test". A competition including Eddie to see who can "Beat Eddie"


Winners will also be expected to raise as much as possible towards the overall and more serious goal of raising funds for Ski 4 Cancer, by jumping with Eddie! #eddietheeagle #ski4cancer #courchevel #jump4cancer

The Olympic Ski Jumps

Eddie Calgery 88

FIS Grand Prix Ski Jumping

Eddie Flying

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